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Recorded in a basement. Mostly improvised. I apologize beforehand if the vocal aspect is kind of sloppy, because it is.


released June 25, 2014

album art: Saint Vitus's Cathedral taken April of 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic



all rights reserved


Chocolate Cigars Massachusetts

poetry bruh

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Track Name: Hatred. Power. The Corrupted Shades Now See the Light.
In this moment that we must feel
Attached to your presence
I feel nothing but the piecing of my heart

Leave now, for to stay is to give in.

I find it quite humorous
How afraid people are
to admit their apathy.
For aren’t we all?

Always evading the now truth, we find ourselves
searching, creating false truth
To push away these blistering denizens of our soul.

Your intentions do you not appear somber
to anyone else and
all I can see are lies
Lies to fuel a people’s disdain
(A people’s collapse)

A treachery you cover up
In the spirit of good intentions
I sense not all that is to be seen
Will ever be disclosed.

Solemnly leaving will not rid
us of your innate filth
Too long have lies harboured themselves in
our midst.

Truth is now lost
We only are now to see
What has been laid before us
Our eyes are but an outlet of our oppression.

The hate drives
Moves me as once
Moved you - and now I feel
The one day
I shall be shapen
By the hatred that’d shapen you

For now I fear that
Any effort to overcome my
Defeated soul will come up nil
I wish not be destroyed as you.

Corrupted by power
I’m constricted by overwhelming desire
For a world that sees power
To resonate somber existence.

May the defeat of me
At the hands of the corrupted
Passed down through lustful blood
Serve as but reminder for the hearts of all others.

It consumes souls
Erases life
Destroys love
Becomes it now an innate desire
Of lustful wishes
And corrupted dreams
Glistening gold awaits you now
Relinquish your humanity.
Track Name: Sleeplessness
Let for the rampaging machine to take over mind
For it’s grown more aware than you
In the passing of days you’ve slipt
Into a silhouette of a human.

Screaming sirens engulf the sky
With piercing music they create
Left to us now a lullaby
Cries of panic bring sweet sleep.

Reverberating in the backs of our minds
A past that we believe to have existed
But seamlessly remembrance passes with the dawn
Solitude is lost to us again.

Left to us now is a world created by your devices
Rivers of blood and fields of bodies
Till the end we were to fight our enemy
It’d been nice to know we ought to have fought you.

These tyrants rise and fall
Without their subjects realizing
That oppressed they have become
While believing they are free.